To all and every one


My name is Ekaterina and i am from Russia. I am an artist and art teacher in Fairview IB School in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Indeed art is my passion: i’m doing Master of Arts program in Contemporary Art and Design in Lim Kok Wing University as well.

I’m enjoying new experiences therefor travel is my another passion, for me it combines a joy of meeting new people with cultural experiences, sightseeings, learning new about verity of traditions and the world in total. It is fascinating how cultures develop and evolve through history and how easy and interesting to see it through art. i was passionate about art and history as long as i can remember myself. And when i was fourteen years old i first in my life got to know about existence of psychology throughย “theory of dreams” by Sigmund Freud. His book “Dream Interpretation and Psychoanalysis” turned my world upside-down. Since that moment i got tree passions. And when the time to choose university came for me it was pretty clear what the choice would be: Moscow Pedagogic State University. It is one of the best places in Russia to learn visual arts, art history, crafts as well as psychology, methods of teaching. I am so grateful to my professors to give me all that knowledge and get opportunity to practice. As i did tought in schools and summer camps as more i fell in love with a chance to get others be interested in beauty ofย arts.

After i was done with my degree i took some time to travel through South East Asia, to see other cultures and learn their ancient history. On the way of my travels i got to Malaysia and cultural background of this country amazed me. So i got an idea to do my masters here. After a wile and few internships (Lim Kok Wing University and Wei Ling Art Gallery) i got a great chance to teach in Fairview. I believe that it is on of the best experiences i ever get! IB system of education is very different of what we got in Russia but non the less interesting.

Each time i feel that i got to the students and manage to share with them at least drops of my knowledge, the ability to reach out to them and make them purely interested in what i do – that is a treasure moment for myself.

So i am going to update this blog weekly (at least i’ll try my best) and share with you my teaching experiences or just bright moments of my practice.



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