Same or different?

Lately on our CPD meetings we are talking about a feedback. What styles it has, in which way you can put it to make more clear for your students and so on. Most of that I knew already, but tree were few interesting points which were nice to here out loud. 

So it got me thinking about feedback from students to teacher. How we, teachers, can be sure we do a good job? How we can be sure the task is understud right? As soon as it the moment I’m teaching at international school where kids are from all over the world their knowledge of English can differentiate a lot. Some of them also shy to tell about it: if majority of class would node as they understood topic few of kids would just keep quiet.

So how to encourage them to speak up? 

I thought about doing a five minute talks each lesson on topics which require expression of opinion. So the questions mostly were started with phrases “How do you think..?” or “What did you felt when you saw..?”

But than I realized that it doesn’t work that way I want it to: they afraid to speak in their opinion as soon as they expect it to be graded.

This Friday I decided to do a talk on tipic “Opinion vs. Fact: different or same?” Technically the aim was get to bacics and make sure they see the difference. In one of my 8’s grades there were a big separation half of class did their task for the lesson in unexpectedly short time while a bit more than flag was still in the proses. The theme of the talk was written on the whiteboard so those who are still working can see it and give it a thought. We those who were free we were sitting in the circle and at first I was just asking questions about how they understand word opinion and so on. Than we moved on to examples – I was saying a statement and they should tell me was it a fact or opinion. And after I said few words about my attitude twards the grades. 

Art is weary tricky subject indeed: most of parents therefore kids as well don’t take it siriously. Along with that it’s a big issue how would you make a grades criteria? There are less talented and more talented kids but they can put equal effort in their work. So it is important to encourage both of them. I’d say in my point of view as less  judgment going on in art classroom as better. And as soon as at least one kid would get it I’ll consider it a successful step ahead. 

The feedback on this talk from pupils was just stunning! As I say one picture can say more than a south and words…


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