It smells like an end of the quarter

Lately bustling to arrange the exhibition for the kids with their artworks, sort out late submissions and mark all works with the grades.

But how to grade it?

There are criterias which are described in the Art Guid for IB.

But i based the issue of students, spending equal time on their work, same presistance and effort but than one cares up with brilliant extremely talented work and the other one end’s up with something which a basic viewer barely can recognise as an art. how to still keep student in this situation encouraged, not to let them down with their expectations, mark their efforts well. But in the same time not to provoke not that interested in the subject students to simulate absence of talent when the case is absence if desire.

I think that’s the moment where critic comes in. Personally in art i am not that big fan of it, but in IB system it gets handy. Asking students tricky questions which refers to the wrong statement and encourage to find out the truth. They clearly should see difference between fact and opinion, reason and what cause it – all that would improve their presentation skills therefor make them realise that presentation can be one of the styles of visual art or at least its a part of it.


There for it is no matter actually how good or talented you are in drawing, sculpting or photography you still can score high grades.


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