The are always rules

The Rules Of Abstraction With Matthew Collings

In the end of the quarter i decided to through all we studied this unit. To my surprise the video suitable to 7th, 8th and 9th grades even though their assignments differ they al at partly touching the theme of contemporary art. And in my opinion abstract art is one of the most debatable brunches of abstractionism so i assume it would be useful for kids to practice their critique and analysing skills in the area.

By the end of two classes i detected several patterns and development of analysing abilities.

  • Indeed it takes a lot of time to go through: 2 periods (1h20m) on each 15 min of the video
  • The conversation works out better if there are kids who chosen to be o the “hot chair” so they can express themselves before leaders would take over
  • It is very difficult for kids to express their true opinion in therms of fear to be abandoned by classmates
  • They need to be instantly reminded that this is not argument but debates (exposed to the difference

After CDP i decided to try one of the teaching strategies. Each time in the video was made any statement i posed it and started a debate is the statement rue or not. By the end of the second lessen (4th period) i reached unique outcome.

Art is like music…

One of the students disagreed with this statement from the video, after listening to opinions of his classmates he stated that “Music is very logic and more like math, and art is more free. So music is much more like since rather than art…”

It is pretty courageous expression of opinion, i’m really happy i manage to achieve it in such a short time as soon as it was not one of the leaders of the class, the boy mostly kept quiet in the class and such an expression was one of the most unexpected things from him. In the end of the discussion we all agreed that there is certainย rhythmic in the art which connects it to music as well as both subjects could be tools to express emotions.

The most outcome i can see at the moment from 7th grade, and now exited to work with 8th and 9th more properly.


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