I am doing master degree in contemporary art, as i mentioned before, and it is extremely interesting for me to look into modern art. I was fascinated by Mark Rothko’s paintings for a long time. His amazing technique of color use, those unbelievable color  strokes – all is quite inspiring to look at for me.


As soon as for my masters program i am conducting research on colors as a tool for modern paintings to influence a viewer i got partly in art therapy. I was thinking how to combine this two: modern art and art therapy to bace some of my lessons in school on it. It could’ve been a promising experience – i used to think. But on other hand it is not that easy to catch 5th grades attention (kids are 9-10 years) with abstractionist art. And today, while doing my research for MA, i got across amazing idea of the lesson combining art therapy elements and Rothko’s referring paintings style.

Art Experiment. Mark Rothko: Color + Emotion

This example of the lesson gave me an inspiration i needed!


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