Service and action


1. Homeroom teacher need to ensure that student’s Managebac account has been created – you will need to monitor and track your student’s progress via Managebac
2. Homeroom teachers are advice to remind their homeroom to kick start/ plan their Service and Action and try to complete it, before end of Semester One.
3. 2 components of Service and Action ; self initiated ( please refer to attachment) and expeditions. Student Council is one of the approved self initiated S&A.
4. For new teachers and students,there will be a session Service and action session fr you – so please stay tune.
5. Soft copy for the proposal form is available on Managebac and also refer to attachment
6.Students need to discuss with homeroom teacher on their proposed service and homeroom teacher needs to approve it (on paper and Managebac), before handing it to me.
7. All homeroom need to have evidence on their Service and Action – please send a copy for our centralized Service and Action file , available in Ms. Priyanka’s office.
1. Proposal form – only needed for self initiated service.
2. Journal(s) – their journey in completing their service.
3. Reflection – as part of the IB inquiry cycle.
4. Evidence – visuals

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