Inspiration for Fashion club curriculum

I an really proud of my idea to arrange for students a fashion club extra curriculum. Personally, i love fashion, i love to dress up, play with colors and styles. I love sketching outfits – in my opinion it is a great practice of gesture drawing, where proportions are not so important, but the impression of movement is crucial.

Pantone-Color-Report2   Pantone-Color-Report3 Pantone-Color-Report4Pantone-Color-Report8


I came across pretty interesting website of Russian stylist Roman Medny. In one of his articles he talks about colors of season Fall / Winter 2015. I totally loved his selection of sketches. I find it very inspiring and useful for my students wile practising sketching also look into colors, find inspiration in world around us. All colors are so natural i do believe it is possible to find this sort of colouring even in Malaysia where it is always summer.


And how to apply it in our daily life? How to twist it? How transfer color motion from the sketch to daily outfit?

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