I brightly remember one of the most successful lessens I had. We were studying unit on Elizabethan Era and as sum up there was tutorial on Art of Theatre. Students were researching the fashion, science, the most famous significant historical events, society structure of Elizabethan Era. I encourage them to research different areas and do presentations throughout the unit so they can share gathered knowledge with their peers. Art is like a mirror of the society itself, therefor for me was important to deliver to students comprehension of Elizabethan Era. To finalize the unit students performed a short part of Rome and Juliette play, the most exiting twist for them was that all roles were played by boys and all props were made by girls. It brought wide excitement into the lesson and helped to not only understand the era but feel the culture of Elizabethan Renaissance. The action kept every student fully engaged, it caused a great discussion in the end of unit.



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