How to draw?

We all saw this mems, right? 

And each attempt to draw, you look at tutorials and it looks exactly like the one above? 

Most of people not related to art most of the time say “I can’t draw and never would be able to do it…” However artist is in everyone and it is easy to become one.

Here i would tell how can you learn to draw as good as an artist in four easy steps.

Firstly start practicing with the small figures. Don’t try to become Dali overnight, practice on small figures first. Start drawing squares without a ruler first, than cubes, circles and spheres.


Secondly learn easy technics of strokes and shading. When you understand the concept, it would be simple for you to start drawing bigger objects as a human body for example. It would also help you to develop understanding of color – tones as well as shades.


Furthermore keep in mind you need to practice daily. Appreciate at least a five minutes in the evening to do few quick sketches. It’s better to have less details, let the sketch be rough but do more than work on one small detail for hours.

And finally but not lastly – fined the subject you are good at! Some are better in drawing portraits, others are in picturing still life and third would easily master skill of depicting sceneries. It is important to do what you like no matter if it is hobby or work.

In the end of end art is not a choir, it is suppose to bring the joy either it work with line or colors. Practicing with drawing small figures, learning strokes technics, picking up the most interesting area of art for you personally and practicing daily are only few key points which are good to start wit. It is only up to you how to continue with your passion for drawing.


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