Future of art

Nowadays the future of digital content looks brighter and brighter. All the online news papers, books, music and images sharing possibilities seem endless! Even the popularity of electronic music which does not requires an actual band to play it in last decade increased drastically.

What would happen to the rest of the arts produced by a human in that case? 

Would the visual art go “paperless” or dance would become just another 3D projection?

The debate: why in that case would you do arts? is ongoing and becoming more intense every day. However the greatest artist of the last several centuries definitely asked themselves the same question over and over. Even without digital revolution, art is a subject of the critical thinking. The common fact that at least half of great artist became recognised only in their old age or even after their death is not appealing to the students majoring in arts or their parents.

So art is controversial subject and techno boom plunging in our daily lives.

Although this two statements seem to be not connected, it is common for contentious phenomena to go viral on the internet. That’s where it comes as a huge benefit to the artists. Consequently artists can gain faster recognition, rase awareness on a social issues, educate their viewers.

On the other hand as more disturbing content is as easier to gain fame. So we get the famous artist like Banksy, that no-one ever seen.



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